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Shuttleworth Video Services, Orange County, Costa Mesa, Irvine, CA

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Legal Video Services - Available on DVD!

Settlement Videos
Photos, newspaper articles, yearbooks, ribbons, pins, home movies, home videos, slides, wedding photos, career material & personal items; when put on video tape and combined with music, on camera interviews, and professional voiceovers, have a powerful effect on the viewer.

Legal Video Services Include:

  • Video Tape Duplication

  • Audio Cassette Duplication

  • Micro Cassette Conversion

  • Video Production & Editing

  • Video Depositions

  • Slow or Fast Motion Video

  • Video & Audio Enhancement

  • Video to DVD or CD rom

  • Video Settlement Brochures

  • International Conversions (PAL, SECAM)

  • Video Tape Repair

  • Format Transfer (Beta, 8mm, VHS-C, Mini-DV)